pianist, composer, & recording engineer

  • Tony Marino Pianist Composer Recording Engineer

Reviews :

featured artist Jampshere Magazine

It is a wildly rhythmic demonstration of every crowd-pleasing twist in Tony’s bag of ivory tricks. For over 20 years, Tony Marino has been successfully turning a blend of Latin rhythms and jazz harmonic textures into exhilarating energy, something he achieves with clever and vivacious fun on this album.“​​

– Jacob Aiden

A strong rhythmic vibe enriched by beautiful choice of chords and his signature runs or licks that seals the deal. Tony Marino is becoming the quintessential Latin jazz keyboardist for his era. Marino’s synth programming and keyboard playing are very groovy and likely to have your head nodding to the tunes.

–  Jeena Johnson / Soundlooks

“This in my opinion is Tony Marino at his best; most challenged comfortable playing and being inspired by other very talented musicians. In a nutshell this album burns, cooks, is hot, cool, and beautifully rhythmic. Marino’s mastery of the piano reminds me of modern classic greats such as Thelonius Monk, McCoy Tyner and even passionate players like Lyle Mays and Eliane Elias. Listening to this album is like going to that “once in a lifetime” musical event that you always remember for the rest of your life.” 

Buddy Nelson / Jamsphere 

“If you’re interested in taking a listen to a true world-class musician that is keeping one of the most undeniable and undying genres of music alive in a very powerful way, then Tony Marino is your draft pick.”   

Justyn Brodsky / ArtistReach

Thank You for the Music is a masterpiece. The album’s organic flavor and professional approach results in nothing less than perfection. Tony Marino has created a work not only for the sake of our listening pleasure, but an audible monument to be studied for its value. Indeed, Thank You for the Music deserves a standing ovation.

Warlock Asylum

I’m pretty sure I can say this with 100% confidence…Tony Marino might have just gone and made me a big-big fan of original Latin Jazz music – this whole record was a ton of fun to experience, remarkably lively, boldly charming, impressively skilled, and entirely worth repeating.


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